Clickbank+List Marketing

How to build a high converting list building funnel that convert free

traffic into subscribers then will then convert into money ?

Keep in mind,If you want to make money from your list,you should know

the goal of email marketing should be to grow a list of subscribers that

know,like and trust you.

You will get a lot subscribers such as:


When you nurture your list with love and respect,you will be able to

make a lot of money in the long term,It is very important to communicate

with your subscribers


First of all, you need an Auto-Responder Service

The email Auto-Responder Service will be the main tool used for


bringing in your profits. You will use this tool to collect leads, to send out

follow up emails to your subscribers, and you will do this on autopilot.

Getresponse and Aweber are very famous,you can choose one of them.


Aweber is the service that I use personally; I’ve been with them for a long

time and really felt no reason the switch at the moment. They offer $1 30-

day trial with no limits on service during that trial. From there it will cost

you $19 a month if you wish to continue using them.


Then you need at least 3 pages

Squeeze Page

Thank You Page

Download Page

Each page will play an important role in your list building and making the

most profit from your traffic.

Squeeze Page

The squeeze page is the front door to your business,

on the squeeze page you need to keep things as simple and to the point as

possible. All we want the visitor to do is enter their email address.

Finally include an opt-in form on the page,something like





Thank You Page

Thank you page is the page your customers land on immediately after

they’ve Signed up

Download Page

Your download page is the final point in the entire funnel. This is where


you deliver your main training.

Creating Your Email Follow Up


The email follow up is where the magic happens in this entire system.

You see once you set these up you never have to touch them again. To

build you follow up series, you will need to craft some emails that will go

out each day from the time someone joins your list.

Welcome Email is the email you send the subscriber immediately after

they join.



First impressions is very important,you had better set a welcome email so

that once a person subscribes to your list, he or she will get it.

then give away some good material in a free report or bonus

All you have to worry about from here is driving traffic.

There are a lot of methods to drive traffic, some are free traffic,some are

paid traffic.


Check the picture below,

This is a real payment proof of the person who just use Facebook to drive

the traffic for his Squeeze page.

I just want to tell you ,if you have chosen one traffic source ,just focus on

it to see the result.

How Make Money Online : Clickbank+ Bing ads

Clickbank+ Bing ads


Let’s know more about bing ads.


  1. Lower CPC –You get more for your dollar. I have found that we get

clicks 2-3 times cheaper than we would have on other networks.You can

make do with less conversion and still be profitable or you can get higher

profit margins.


  1. Lesser competition –I really like that Bing Ads currently is almost as

Google Adwords in the early days. It seems in the early days as rumor has

it that people could easily upload profitable campaigns because of the

lower CPC and lower competition. Less competition means you don’t

need to adjust your bids as much and you can get more traffic.


  1. Quality Traffic –Bing Ads network isn’t your typical PPC network.

The traffic is comparable in quality to what we’ve seen with Facebook

ads (even better actually) and certainly many others (Can not compare

with Google Adwords due to the high CPC).



  1. Great Support –It is worth noting that Bing Ads also has very good

training material and intuitive ad network platform

Bing ads provide Free Advertising Credits to people!

This point is super awesome! It means you can promote the Clickbank

Products for free with Bing ads coupon,and you will make money



Clickbank+Press Releases : Make Huge CLICKBANK COMISSIONS Using Press Releases – Generate Traffic


Are you considering using the website “ClickBank” to earn money online? If so, then good! ClickBank is a great way to start making money quickly and easily (if you know what you’re doing), and to build a long term sustainable income that can last you for the rest of your life.


Now it seems easy, but it is really a tough task. They say that 95% of all new online businesses fail each year. If I had to put my finger on it, I would say that 98% of all new online businesses fail each year. It’s really tough to survive online… and one of the main reasons why this is true is because most newbies have no clue about how to market their website online!


Well I want to help you out. If you’re determined to sign up as a ClickBank affiliate and try your hand at making money online, then this lesson should serve you well. I want to share with you some proven techniques that you can use to drive traffic to your site, and convert your visitors into affiliate revenue. Here’s the first tip:


1) Learn traffic generation

To be honest with you, there are all kinds of ways to get traffic to your website. Let’s start with free marketing. There’s: ebook marketing, article marketing, search engine optimization, video marketing, press releases, social marketing, email marketing, blog marketing, forums tele-seminars, and etc. There’s a ton of free marketing strategies to get you traffic immediately.


On the paid advertising spectrum, you have a lot of options too. You have: high traffic website advertising, blog advertising, display advertising, pay per click advertising, offline advertising, and more. So the traffic is out there and waiting. Question is… will you take action and go and conquer this traffic for yourself? Here’s another tip for succeeding with ClickBank:


2) Have a good sales funnel in place

If you try to just direct people to your affiliate link, without any kind or marketing, branding, “pre-selling”, or other forms of free information… your conversion rates will be close to 0%. I mean it will be incredibly low. It’s in your best interest to create a sales funnel that will walk your prospects step-by-step through a structured process – that eventually leads to a sale.


Another thing that you have to look at is that depending on the price of the affiliate product you’re promoting, a direct link to the sales page may turn a lot of potential buyers off. If you sell something for $7… then it’s in your best interest to just lead them to the sales page. If you sell something for $67… then have them sign up to your free email newsletter and prove your worth.



Give them great tips and information that can help them out, and eventually some of your email newsletter subscribers will buy from you. And if the commission rate on the $67 product is 50%… then that’s a cool $33.50 that you’ve earned. It’s not hard, you just have to make it organized.

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