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What Are Solo Ads and Ad Swaps?


In super basic terms, a “Solo Ad” is when you pay someone to mail

their email list


An “Ad Swap” is the same idea only two people do it in exchange with

each other to help each other out.

This type of advertising takes advantage of the relationship a marketer

has with their list.


Write email

One thing you will need to get good at if you are to make a

success of the solo business is writing emails or as they are

referred to as swipes


Writing good subject lines and killer email swipes is a bit of an art

form. It takes practice to get it right and to produce the desired

Result. You can ask the Clickbank vendor for the email swipes and

rewrite them.


At the end of the day the clicks produced by your emails/swipes is

what you will live and or die by.


Where to Find Ad Swaps and Solo Ads?


There are a number of places that you can find potential people to do

business with.


Safe Swaps is an open platform that ensures you get the right number of clicks. You don’t have to be too worried about whether the solo ad vendor

is completely lying to you. There are tons of feedback consisting of

comments, likes and dislikes about every solo ad provider on Safe Swaps.

You have a general idea and better feel of what you’re purchasing prior to

seeing the results, compared to a lot of other solo ad sites.

You can pick any niche you like


You will find a lot of people who are selling solo ads


However,Safe Swaps isn’t free now, so I don’t recommend newbie to try




Don’t buy !!!

Another place: FaceBook Pages

Such as:

Clickbank Only:

Look for sellers, who are in all groups looking for only those sellers that

are remarked on for giving clicks with consistent sales.

When dealing with people in these groups make sure you check for

testimonials and never do more than 100 clicks when you first use them.

Too many people get involved in the solo business throw a heap of

money at it and get little result from their effort and give up,because not


everyone in the solo business is as honest as you are so don’t miss these

black lists which lists anyone that does not play ball the way it should be.

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